Firearms Permit

Citizens of Bleckley County:

Governor Brian Kemp recently signed SB 319 into law.  The bill has been referred to as the constitutional carry bill. This law expands protections of your right to bear arms enshrined in the US and Georgia Constitutions. A number of people have contacted the court and enquired as to whether or not they need a Georgia Weapons Carry Permit any longer. The Court cannot answer that question for any individual; however, we will point out some reasons why an individual might still want to keep a current permit.

    1. Since Georgia Weapons Carry Permit holders have already been vetted through a background check process, they can purchase firearms from a licensed federal firearms dealer without having an instant background check through the FBI NICS system.
    2. Georgia Weapons Carry Permit holders enjoy reciprocity with other states which recognize our permit within their jurisdiction. A list of those states can be found at: https://law.georgia.gov/resources/firearms-license-reciprocity
    3. The severity of some criminal offenses is reduced from felony to misdemeanor for lawful individual permit holders.

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact our office at 478-934-3204 Ext. 4.

  • To apply for a firearms license in this court, you must be 21 years of age or older and be a resident of Bleckley County. You must present a photo I.D. and proof of your current Bleckley County address. 
  • If you are 18 years of age or older you may apply if you show proof that you are actively serving in the armed forces or have been honorably discharged.
  • Cost of new license: $78.25.
  • Cost of a renewal license: $30.00.
  • All permits must be picked up in person.  We don’t mail.
  • Renewals: 90 days prior to expiration – 30 days after expiration
  • After the applicant has been processed/fingerprinted, the Probate Court will review the relevant histories and make a determination regarding the applicant’s eligibility.
  • Fingerprinting Times: Fingerprinting is currently being done by the Bleckley County Sheriff’s Department. Fingerprinting is temporarily being done by appointment only. Appointments are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9:30-11:00 and 1:30-3:00. Please call our office to schedule an appointment prior to coming in.

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